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Modifications and Repair of Injection Moulds

One of the services we provide is the modification of injection moulds. This may include changes to the mould design to improve injection quality and efficiency, reduce cycle time, increase precision, or reduce raw material consumption. Other modifications may include, for example, adapting the mold to changing product requirements, introducing technological improvements or changing the configuration of the mould to produce new components.

All modifications are made by our experienced engineers according to the provided documentation and preceded by appropriate analyzes and tests.

The use of modern CAD/CAM technologies allows us to improve the design process, verify changes before they are implemented, and minimize the risk of errors.

We also provide services related to the regeneration and repair of injection moulds. We offer extensive solutions, consultations and full support in this area. Typical issues that may require repair include internal mould damage, wear or breakage of components, faults in the cooling process, etc.

Regular maintenance and repairs help keep moulds in good condition and reduce the risk of failure.

Modifying or repairing injection moulds is a complex process that requires advanced equipment and specialized knowledge. That’s why it is carried out each time by our experienced engineers, who are capable of diagnosing issues, making necessary modifications or repairs, and then testing the molds to ensure they perform as expected by the client.
We approach each project individually to best support our customers in maintaining continuous and effective production. Do you need an advice?