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Creating a New Product Concept Based on Client Specifications

Based on Client specifications, we proceed to develop the concept of the new product. This process involves a technical analysis of the product in terms of its strength, functionality, durability, and safety. We also evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing, taking into account aspects such as product aesthetics and durability, production efficiency, and costs.

At this stage, close cooperation with the client and an individual approach to their needs are crucial, as our goal is to create a concept that fully meets their expectations.

CAD/CAM Design

Using CAD/CAM software, we create three-dimensional visualizations of the component and prepare it for production in the most optimal way. Our expertise, backed by many years of experience, allows us to take on even the most complex projects.

Mold-Flow Analysis

We conduct a detailed MOLD-FLOW analysis that enables us to predict and optimize the behavior of the material during injection into the mold. Understanding and assessing the impact of various factors on the quality of molding, such as material flow, mold filling, deformation, injection cycles, and many others, allows us to make the necessary changes at the design stage in order to improve molding quality, reduce production costs and shorten cycle time.
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Prototyping / 3D Printing

Prototyping is the process of creating an initial model of a product using a 3D printer to test and evaluate its appearance and functionality.
This is a key stage in the design and development of products, which allows for possible changes to the design and improvement of the final product before its implementation on the market.

With this technology, we can gather customer feedback and customize the project to their individual preferences, suggestions, and needs. This is extremely important to us and contributes not only to achieving excellent quality and functionality of products, but also to building the trust of our clients

Injection Mould Constructing

The construction of injection moulds is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge in the fields of design, engineering, and injection technology. By connecting our expertise and experience with modern technology and machinery, we are able to design and create advanced tools used in the injection moulding process. Our moulds are made of high-quality tool steel that is resistant to wear and tear. Our portfolio includes many types of moulds, from simple to technologically advanced ones. Our projects.
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